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Facebook Video or Embed Videos on Your Website

Choose whether you want to create custom audiences from videos on Facebook or on your website.

Create Your Facebook Post and Preview It

Enter your post/ad details and upload your video file to be posted to Facebook. A live preview is available on the right.

Or Create Your Campaign to Embed on Your Website

If you decide to rather run your campaign from your website, instead of creating a Facebook video, you enter your campaign name, along with a 3rd party video such as a YouTube video.

Custom Audience Video Milestones

Select how far into a video a viewer must watch (in seconds) in order for a custom audience to be created. For example, on the left, a new custom audience will be created and populated with audiences who watch 5, 10, 30, 120 and 500 seconds of the video. If you only want to run ads to people who view 30 seconds into your video, you now can!

Custom Audiences Automatically Grow into Targeted Audiences

Watch your automatically created custom audiences (based on your selected time milestones) grow as viewers reach your time milestones. In the example on the right, every time someone watches 10 seconds of your video campaign, they are added to that custom audience. The same happens when they watch 60 seconds.

Monetize These Highly Targeted Audiences

Monetize these extremely laser-targeted custom audiences based on how far into your video campaign they watched. Someone who watched up until 60 seconds may have heard your sales pitch where as someone who only viewed 10 seconds may not have. Or someone who views 300 seconds is WAY more interested that someone who views only 20 seconds.

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